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Simplifies invoices and expense tracking, helping you save time and money. Create your first invoice in less than 60 seconds.

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Purchases and Payouts

Issue Purchase Orders to your Vendors and convert your Purchase Orders to Purchase Invoices. Manage Vendor Payments and intimate your Vendors Immediately. Entering Purchase Returns, managing refunds and issuing Debit Notes was never this easy


Invoicing and Receipts

Create Sales orders, Invoice your customers from anywhere, receive payments, and issue acknowledgments on the spot. Convert Sales Orders to Invoices automatically. Record Sales returns and manage refunds or Credit Notes seamlessly.


Expense Payouts

Prepare Payment Vouchers for paying expenses, acquiring assets, or discharging liabilities. Withdraw cash or deposit cash to your bank accounts. Issue Receipt Vouchers for sale of assets or other miscellaneous receipts. Pass journal entries for accruals etc.



Manage your Inventory and Service Items in one Invoice. Assign Income, Cogs, and Asset Accounts to Items depending on your requirements. Issue Goods Receipt Notes, Goods Issue Notes and later convert them to Purchase and Sales Invoices.


VAT Accounting

Although VAT looks simple to calculate and implement, but actually it is not. A very Accurate and comprehensive system is a must for managing VAT Accounting. Manage your Returns preparation, processing, filing, and VAT payments effortlessly.



On the main dashboard keep an eye on your key financial indicators. On your fingertips. Make Invoices, Receive customer payments, pay expenses all from the convenience of your handheld devices. Email customer statements on time for timely cash collections.



A very carefully selected set of reports ensures your access to right information. All reports arranged module wise and available in both summary and detailed format can be categorized by Items, Vendors, and Customers through intelligent use of Filters. They can be emailed or exported to PDF and Excel format.